Regular organizing meeting planned. We need you to get involved !

We are looking to build a broad coalition of organizations to attend, endorse, and promote the march so that we can present a strong unified front to speak out against this root issue of government corruption.

The purpose of the march is to raise public awareness about corruption, to connect the dots between government corruption and the host of other “single issues” that are directly connected to it, and to come together in solidarity around the common affirmation that this corruption must end. Democracy is for the people, not for corporations and billionaires.

We are also hoping that the event will act as a mutually beneficial platform for all the groups that participate, giving them a chance to network with one another, engage in outreach/recruitment with attendees, distribute literature/table, and potentially provide a speaker for the rally.

We will be holding regular March Against Corruption organizer meetings every Monday, at 6:30PM at Global Exchange, 2017 Mission St. from now until the march. We encourage any and all interested organizations to attend. If we are going to do widespread street and online outreach, it is especially critical that more people come on board so that we have the people-power and networking capabilities to really get the word out.

To endorse the march, please email your organization’s name and contact information, website, facebook page, twitter account, etc. as well as an icon or emblem (.jpg format) to It will then be put up on San Francisco’s March Against Corruption website under the tab “A Coalition of Organizations”. Please also feel free to send fliers/promotional materials for the march that can also be posted on the website as open-source materials (see the “Download these Fliers” tab).

We need your help to make this march a success and to work towards building the mass movement we need to end this corporate plutocracy and at last realize a genuine democracy that serves and is supported by the people alone.

Join us. March Against Corruption.

For any questions, comments, or to get more involved, email

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