Press Release Issued Today.

Immediate Release – Photo Opportunity          Media Contacts:
Ellis Goldberg, 925 451 4303 / 925 831 8355
Event Organizer: David Chops 99Rise.  510-207-2266.
Sheilah Fish, $$$OUT! People In Coalition & Central Contra Costa County MoveOn,, 925-878-9288
Karen Beck, Tri-Valley MoveOn,, 925 820 2748


99%ers Connect The Dots @ The Global March Against Corruption
Saturday March 1, noon Justin Herman Plaza SF


99%ers including members of the $$$Out! People In Coalition will join with 99RISE, Bay Area Global Exchange,  the Central Contra Costa County MoveOn Council, the Tri-Valley MoveOn Council, Occupy SF, Project Censored, the East Point Peace Academy, East Bay-Oakland Move to Amend and Hip Hop For Change (click for contact info) for a Global March Against Corruption in San Francisco on Saturday March 1 at noon in Justin Herman Plaza marching to Union Square.  There will be music & speeches at both locations.  The 99%ers will be bringing the CONNECT THE DOTS Street Theater to the march. 


99%ers will connect the dots between
Money in Politics and Climate Chaos, War for Oil, Corrupting Democracy, Wealth Inequality,
Wall Street Crimes, Corporate Welfare, Poverty & Cutting Education,

in a sight and sound spectacle, with original music by Michael Sullivan (bring your camera).


 “Activists from many progressive movements are mobilized behind the issue of ‘getting money out of politics’ because they realize that all other causes that are in the vital interests of humans not corporations are stymied by money in politics.  The basis for “connect the dots” is that all the dots connect to money in politics.  Currently, getting money out of politics does not rank high on the political Richter scale, as compared to Climate Chaos or Job Creation.  Neither of those issues or any of the other vital issues will be adequately addressed until money is out of politics.” says Gordon Miller an event organizer. “Our job is to raise public awareness and change public sentiment until the scale moves up enough” he continued.


“Our mission is to increase public awareness of the many negative effects of money in politics. We are working to amend the constitution so that only those of us with belly buttons have constitutional rights. Corporations are bellybuttonless. The amendment must also say that money isn’t speech, money is property, and political spending can be regulated through legislation,” said $$$Out! People In Coalition leader, Sheilah Fish.  She continued “But first public opinion has to change.  So, our action will connect the dots between money spent by corporations and rich individuals on political influence that is preventing meaningful action on the many egregious issues.”



Our government provides protection and empowerment for all of us, without which our society stops being civilized. It is essential that all elements of society contribute a fair share of the revenue required for American Government to provide education, infrastructure, research and development, all vital ingredients for reviving the economy. We must rebuild the American Dream and make sure the next generations of Americans have the opportunities they deserve. The purpose of this action is to demonstrate that the thousands of Bay Area residents will not stand by while government is controlled, corrupted and manipulated by the wealthiest individuals and corporations. This is not what America should be about.


If you are patriotic, please join us. This will be a Civil Obedience Action in that we will comply with all laws, stay out of the way of those doing business and away from traffic.

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