SF Bay Area’s 99% Speak Out and March Against Systemic Corruption: Money out of Politics!

On March 1st, people from around the world in over 27 cities took to the streets in solidarity to participate in a global day of action, billed as the March Against Corruption.

Here in San Francisco, over a hundred people came out to protest the corrupting influence of big money in politics. Protesters rallied at Chelsea Manning plaza, where they heard from a number of local musicians and activists speaking out about a range of issues, from the global environmental crisis to the war in Iraq, all ‘connecting the dots’ between their own righteous struggles and the underlying issue of government corruption by big money.

Behind a leading banner that read “Global March Against Corruption, San Francisco, CA” the crowd embarked on a spirited and nonviolent march down the sidewalks of downtown San Francisco with signs, banners, and megaphones in hand. They chanted slogans such as “End the plutocracy! We want democracy!” and “Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Big Money has Got to Go!” attracting curious onlookers to take fliers and join the march.

The event ended at Union Square where march participants were greeted with a politically charged hip-hop performance and additional speakers tying their fights to the democracy-destroying reality of money in politics. People milled about, made new friends and solidified bonds of solidarity. There was a positive, high-energy atmosphere amidst the crowd, which culminated in a call for action by Tye Kirk of 99Rise, “It’s going to take more than a march to take back our democracy from moneyed interests. It’s going to take a mass movement of direct nonviolent resistance. We need all of you to step up and get involved to build that movement.”

99Rise Bay Area, who initiated organizing for the march over a month ago was able to rally an active coalition of organizers and speakers from a number groups to make the action a success. Representatives from MoveOn, Global Exchange, $$$ Out! People In!, Occupy SF, Code Pink, Project Censored, and other local grassroots organizations all came out to lend their support and show solidarity in the struggle to reclaim democracy for the 99%.

For more information about how you can get involved in the movement to realize genuine democracy for and by the people alone, go to 99rise.org or email 99risebayarea@gmail.com. The 99Rise Bay Area team will be hosting an informational meeting and potluck social on Monday, March 10th, at 6:30PM at Global Exchange, 2017 Mission St. (2nd floor), in San Francisco, directly across from the 16th and Mission BART station. Please RSVP with your name and contact information (email, phone #) to 99risebayarea@gmail.com

Below you will find some photos. (just keep scrolling down for everything)
(photo credits: Jessica, Stacee, and Kelly Johnson Revolutionary Photography)

We got an interview ! March Against Corruption and 99Rise on the Nicole Sander Show! Skip to 1:12:00 to get to the interview.

More media coverage of March Against Corruption from our friends at KPFA: Go to 08:17 to get to the interview.

KRON channel 4 news did a quick 1 minute of coverage live at 8pm (clip currently unavailable)

Many clips to look at here Livestream by Ronin here —-> http://new.livestream.com/accounts/7282515/events/2806024
Check out these photos !

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Press Release Issued Today.

Immediate Release – Photo Opportunity          Media Contacts:
Ellis Goldberg, EllisG237@aol.com 925 451 4303 / 925 831 8355
Event Organizer: David Chops 99Rise. davidakachops@gmail.com  510-207-2266.
Sheilah Fish, $$$OUT! People In Coalition & Central Contra Costa County MoveOn, SheilahFish@yahoo.com, 925-878-9288
Karen Beck, Tri-Valley MoveOn, HerbieBeck@aol.com, 925 820 2748


99%ers Connect The Dots @ The Global March Against Corruption
Saturday March 1, noon Justin Herman Plaza SF


99%ers including members of the $$$Out! People In Coalition will join with 99RISE, Bay Area Global Exchange,  the Central Contra Costa County MoveOn Council, the Tri-Valley MoveOn Council, Occupy SF, Project Censored, the East Point Peace Academy, East Bay-Oakland Move to Amend and Hip Hop For Change (click for contact info) for a Global March Against Corruption in San Francisco on Saturday March 1 at noon in Justin Herman Plaza marching to Union Square.  There will be music & speeches at both locations.  The 99%ers will be bringing the CONNECT THE DOTS Street Theater to the march. 


99%ers will connect the dots between
Money in Politics and Climate Chaos, War for Oil, Corrupting Democracy, Wealth Inequality,
Wall Street Crimes, Corporate Welfare, Poverty & Cutting Education,

in a sight and sound spectacle, with original music by Michael Sullivan (bring your camera).


 “Activists from many progressive movements are mobilized behind the issue of ‘getting money out of politics’ because they realize that all other causes that are in the vital interests of humans not corporations are stymied by money in politics.  The basis for “connect the dots” is that all the dots connect to money in politics.  Currently, getting money out of politics does not rank high on the political Richter scale, as compared to Climate Chaos or Job Creation.  Neither of those issues or any of the other vital issues will be adequately addressed until money is out of politics.” says Gordon Miller an event organizer. “Our job is to raise public awareness and change public sentiment until the scale moves up enough” he continued.


“Our mission is to increase public awareness of the many negative effects of money in politics. We are working to amend the constitution so that only those of us with belly buttons have constitutional rights. Corporations are bellybuttonless. The amendment must also say that money isn’t speech, money is property, and political spending can be regulated through legislation,” said $$$Out! People In Coalition leader, Sheilah Fish.  She continued “But first public opinion has to change.  So, our action will connect the dots between money spent by corporations and rich individuals on political influence that is preventing meaningful action on the many egregious issues.”



Our government provides protection and empowerment for all of us, without which our society stops being civilized. It is essential that all elements of society contribute a fair share of the revenue required for American Government to provide education, infrastructure, research and development, all vital ingredients for reviving the economy. We must rebuild the American Dream and make sure the next generations of Americans have the opportunities they deserve. The purpose of this action is to demonstrate that the thousands of Bay Area residents will not stand by while government is controlled, corrupted and manipulated by the wealthiest individuals and corporations. This is not what America should be about.


If you are patriotic, please join us. This will be a Civil Obedience Action in that we will comply with all laws, stay out of the way of those doing business and away from traffic.

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Curt from 99Rise gets interviewed on the Nicole Sander Show about March Against Corruption !

Curt from 99Rise gets interviewed  on the Nicole Sander Show about March Against Corruption ! Skip to 1:12:00 to get to the interview.


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Speakers & Music for the March Against Corruption

Musical performance of ‘Connect the Dots’ will delight you with sounds and props to help you connect the dots of government and corruption, with original music from Michael Sullivan.

Chevron shareholders meeting 5-29-13 045-Chevron shareholders meeting 5-29-13 017


Farah Muhsin Al Mousawi is just one of the many amazing speakers we will have during the rally, Get there at noon for music and to hear Farah Muhsin Al Mousawi and others from a range of issues speak about how their issue is affected by big money in politics and the corruption of our government .

Farah Muhsin Al Mousawi: Iraqi refugee and activist living the Bay Area since 2008. Farah has worked with various non-profits in California, Chicago, and New York on issues relating to the war in Iraq and human rights. She is currently a member of Civilian-Soldier Alliance, Collective member of Courage To Resist, and an organizer with CODEPINK.Farah Muhsin Al Mousawi——————————————————————————————————————————-

MonaLisa Wallace, Esq. is a Bay Area civil and environmental rights activist.  She is an attorney and organizer working with organizations including the National Organization for Women, CodePink, the Bay Area Coalition for Reproductive Rights, Occupy Foundation and the Occupy SF Action Council.  She speaks at the March Against Corruption on the subject of Roman Catholic, Mormon and other wealthy Christian right wing religious institutional funding of political campaigns, legislation and elected officials opposing reproductive human rights, marriage equality, ordination and other spiritual leadership by women, ratification of CEDAW and the ERA and gender equality.

Twitter:  GreenFeminist

cmbday copy


Khafre Jay is Founder & Executive Director of Hip Hop For Change. He has been a pillar of the Hip Hop community in San Francisco for a decade working with Frisco’s own B-Pos as well as an activist.  He’s worked in the nonprofit sector from small, local justice groups to large international environmental organizations.  He has also spent many years doing work with disadvantaged young people using his hip hop roots to bridge social gaps.  Khafre’s experience in merging activism and expressive cultural arts led him to found HipHopForChange as the next manifestation of his ongoing work.



Nolan Higdon is a lecturer in history at Diablo Valley College and Project Censored Faculty Affiliate researcher and contributor.


This is just an example of the many speakers we have lined up for Saturday (We will be adding more to this post soon, check back here or just show up on Saturday)

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ART/SIGN MAKING PARTY !!! This Sunday 2-23-14

paint people Yep, thats correct. This Sunday 2/23/14 at 3:45PM we are having a super fun art party in San Francisco, where people of all artistic levels can get creative, make signs,banners,and other protest materials for the upcoming March Against Corruption. Make new friends and plug into a growing movement of the 99%. Please bring yourself, friends, paint, brushes, poster board, cardboard, wood suitable for holding signs up, food to share, you good attitudes and cooperative spirits. (and you may want to wear something you don’t mind getting paint on 😉 )
The address is  215 Golden Gate Avenue @ Leavenworth
map link below, See you there !

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Meeting Reminder. Do it !

This Monday evening !
We will be holding our regular March Against Corruption organizer meeting. This Monday the 17th 6:30PM at Global Exchange, 2017 Mission St. San Francisco. Just across the street form the 16th St. BART. Come and be part of this amazing team.
This Monday evening !
We encourage any and all interested organizations to attend. If we are going to do widespread street and online outreach, it is especially critical that more people come on board so that we have the people-power and networking capabilities to really get the word out. cat-conference-call

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March Against Corruption-SF Statement of Nonviolence

  1. We will use no violence, verbal or physical, toward any person.starfish
  2. We will maintain an attitude of openness and respect toward all we encounter in our actions.
  3. We will not destroy or damage any property.
  4. We will carry no weapons or any means of physical defense, including shields.
  5. We will exercise personal and collective responsibility to ensure all participants adhere to this agreement.

Though the M.A.C. website features a statement we felt it important to clarify what we as coalition members and participants agree to through our participation in the 3/1 March Against Corruption-S.F. The motion passed unanimously on 2/10/14 at the weekly coalition organizing meeting.

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Regular organizing meeting planned. We need you to get involved !

We are looking to build a broad coalition of organizations to attend, endorse, and promote the march so that we can present a strong unified front to speak out against this root issue of government corruption.

The purpose of the march is to raise public awareness about corruption, to connect the dots between government corruption and the host of other “single issues” that are directly connected to it, and to come together in solidarity around the common affirmation that this corruption must end. Democracy is for the people, not for corporations and billionaires.

We are also hoping that the event will act as a mutually beneficial platform for all the groups that participate, giving them a chance to network with one another, engage in outreach/recruitment with attendees, distribute literature/table, and potentially provide a speaker for the rally.

We will be holding regular March Against Corruption organizer meetings every Monday, at 6:30PM at Global Exchange, 2017 Mission St. from now until the march. We encourage any and all interested organizations to attend. If we are going to do widespread street and online outreach, it is especially critical that more people come on board so that we have the people-power and networking capabilities to really get the word out.

To endorse the march, please email your organization’s name and contact information, website, facebook page, twitter account, etc. as well as an icon or emblem (.jpg format) to marchagainstcorruption.sf@gmail.com. It will then be put up on San Francisco’s March Against Corruption website under the tab “A Coalition of Organizations”. Please also feel free to send fliers/promotional materials for the march that can also be posted on the website as open-source materials (see the “Download these Fliers” tab).

We need your help to make this march a success and to work towards building the mass movement we need to end this corporate plutocracy and at last realize a genuine democracy that serves and is supported by the people alone.

Join us. March Against Corruption.

For any questions, comments, or to get more involved, email marchagainstcorruption.sf@gmail.com

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***DATE AND TIME CHANGE***Organizing meeting for the international March Against Corruption in San Francisco

***DATE AND TIME CHANGE***Organizing meeting for the international March Against Corruption in San Francisco

See previous (now updated) post.

Apologies for any inconvenience or confusion.  The time and date of this meeting has been changed FROM: Sunday, Febuary 2nd at 2:30pm.

THE UPDATED AND CORRECT DATE AND TIME of this event has been changed TO:
Monday February 3rd at 6:30pm
Location remains the same.

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March Against Corruption organizers meeting on Sunday, February 2nd ***UPDATED***

Thank you,
below is the original invite with date and times changed to the updated and correct time of Monday February 3rd at 6:30p.
Please forward this to anyone you had forwarded the original invite to so they can be updated as well.
See you then !
The international March Against Corruption is just around the corner! We are organizing a rally and march in San Francisco for March 1st, 2014. But we need your help to organize the event, do extended outreach, and follow through with successive actions and movement-building.We’ll be holding a March Against Corruption organizers meeting on Monday, February, 3rd,  6:30pm,at Global Exchange in San Francisco, located at 2017 Mission St., on the second floor, just across from the road from the 16th and Mission BART stop). And you’re invited!Please come and help us make this march a success. Big money from corporations and billionaires has irredeemably corrupted our government and make a mockery of our democracy. We must speak out against this corruption, connect the dots between corporate money and public policy for and by the 1%, and empower the public to join the movement for radical democratic change.

This is a great opportunity for different groups working on different issues or different facets of the problem of government corruption to come together in coordinated solidarity, represent and recruit for our organizations, and together build a broad movement of resistance to the corruption of private power directing public policy.

It all starts March 1st. Together, we speak out. Together, we will build popular power to fight back for our democracy. Please help us make this event as awesome as possible.

Join us Monday, February, 3rd,  6:30pm at Global Exchange in San Francisco.

See you there,


(510) 207-2266


(415) 847-5351

On March 1, 2014 we march.

Organizing for San Francisco has been initiated, Please get in touch to get involved.

Rally and march starting at Chelsea Manning Plaza AKA Justin Herman Plaza at 12:00pm March 1, 2014


Email us at



Like us on Facebook


‘Join’ Facebook event here



Follow us on Twitter at  https://twitter.com/MarchAgainst_SF

#marchagainstcorruption2014 #MarchAgainstCorruptionSF


Find an action in your town (or start one) It’s global !

March Against Corruption Worldwide


WORLD WIDE MARCH AGAINST GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION World Page Main Page https://www.facebook.com/events/569021309847180/

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